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Our main focus is providing songwriting services. If you're someone who specializes in writing lyrics who can write a song for me, poetry, or a dedicated songwriter for songwriting services looking to enhance your skills, our experts of songwriters for hire at ghostwriters for hire are here to assist you for your songwriting services at their best level.


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Professional Songwriting Services

We specialize in songwriting services, catering to lyricists for hire, authors, and aspiring songwriters aiming for growth, with our experienced team dedicated to helping you with their songwriting services to achieve your dreams.

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Boost Your Songwriting With Stronger Hooks

Our clients approach us with various forms of material, such as complete songs by song writer for hire, vocal recordings of melodies from the best songwriters of all time, or simply lyrics by the lyricist for hire as a foundation for a new song. If you provide music or a melody, we will produce your song to match your preferences as per our songwriting services. In case you only have lyrics, we will create original music in your desired style. By co-publishing your songs with us, you can also benefit from album artwork and have your music submitted to platforms like iTunes and Spotify, among others.

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The World Awaits Your Book

Get in touch with us to initiate your path as a writer by sharing your ideas.


Transform Your Lyrics Into Unique Musical Creations

We have been assisting songwriters in combining their lyrics with music. Our team comprises trained musicians and songwriters who have collaborated with songwriters and lyricist for hire worldwide, co-authoring over more than two thousand songs. Simply provide us with your lyrics, specify the desired style, feel, and instrumentation, and we will handle the rest by our lyricist for hire experts, crafting the song to your specifications.

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Ghostwriting Process That Brings Results

Ghost Writers For Hire implements a systematic workflow process that greatly enhances collaboration and significantly elevates the quality of work. Witness the transformation of your raw ideas into an exceptional piece of writing. Get in touch now to embark on your path to success through our writing services.




Provide us with a few essential particulars about your book, and our project manager will handle the rest.



Research And Evaluation

Our strategists carefully select the perfect ghostwriter for your project, who then conducts extensive research and develops a tailored outline for you.



Approval Of The First Chapter

The initial chapter is crafted with the intention of captivating the reader's interest and leaving them eager for more. You will be provided with the chapter for your approval, and upon receiving your consent, the writer will continue with the subsequent writing.



Proofreading And Editing

Our editors conduct a comprehensive assessment of your book, thoroughly reviewing and editing your work in real-time as the writer diligently works on perfecting your masterpiece.



Formatting And Fact Checking

Once the manuscript is finished and authorized, it undergoes formatting to meet publishing standards. Additionally, the book receives a unique aesthetic, featuring an artistic cover, carefully chosen fonts, and other refined details.



Publishing And Marketing

Following a few final refinements, your book is prepared for publication. Our team of experts also devises a tailored marketing strategy to promote your book effectively.



Your feedback is highly valued as it aids in enhancing our services and facilitating our growth. Please take a moment to explore the testimonials from our clients to gain insight into their experiences with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Whether you provide us with just the lyrics or even a basic vocal melody, we are capable of working with virtually any material you have as a starting point to craft a completely fresh production.

Upon songwriters for hire, music ghostwriters for hire to co-produce a song with you, you will receive high-quality CD wav and mp3 files containing both the instrumental and vocal mixes of your song. Optionally, you can purchase sheet music, and if desired, stems can be provided upon request. Additionally, you have the convenience of downloading a copy of your signed Work For songwriters for hire or Co-Publishing agreement directly from your personalized "artist portal" page.

The decision is up to you. We provide two types of agreements: Co-Publishing Agreements, which entail a 50/50 copyright split, or Work For Hire Agreements, where you receive 100% of the rights. In addition, if you choose to co-publish your songs, we offer songwriting services such as mastering, album artwork, and distribution to over 90 platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more.

Typically, the majority of songwriting and recording projects are finalized within a timeframe of 1-2 weeks from the moment you make your order.

Certainly! We value collaboration and encourage your input. You have the freedom to make important decisions regarding the production, such as choosing the vocalist or specific instruments for the band. However, if you prefer guidance in making these choices, our team is here to assist you for all your songwriting services.